Townsend Township, Sandusky County Ohio

Townsend Township is one of the twelve townships of Sandusky County, Ohio, United States. As of the 2000 census, 1,670 people lived in the township.  Located in the northeastern corner of the county, it borders on the following townships:

Margaretta Township, Erie County - northeast
  • Groton Township, Erie County - southeast
  • York Township - south
  • Green Creek Township - southwest corner
  • Riley Township - west
  • No municipalities are located in Townsend Township, although the unincorporated communities of Vickery and White's Landing are located in the township.



    We have recycling available to the Townsend Twp. Residents visit

    Township Trustees                         

    Paul Warner      419-707-3751 

    John Steager     419-656-5054                           Cathy Bales - Fiscal Officer

    Bruce Meggitt     419-307-0428                       Troy Clapp  - Road Superintendant            

     Clyde, Ohio 

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